Omocha Express - Toy Charity for Japan's Children
Omocha Express - Toy Charity for Japan's Children

Omocha Express is a charity providing toys to children of families who lost their homes in the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan.

On March 11, 2011, hundreds of thousands of people in northern Japan survived the disasters but found their homes and belongings washed away. With nothing left, families must find ways to start over. Of course, the highest priority is on basic survival - food, shelter, clothing, fuel. It's hard to put a priority on providing playthings for children when all a family's resources are needed just to get by.

For a child in a dire situation, small kindnesses can make big impressions. Children who've lost everything will fondly remember their first new toys for the rest of their lives. Even a small gift can go a long ways to show a child that people care, and that it's not all just about the things adults think are important.

We believe our gifts will not just lift the spirits of the children who play with them - We think adults in Japan will also find their hearts lifted by seeing the beginnings of normalcy return to the lives of children in their communities.

What's New
Omocha Express Has Stopped Accepting Donations
We are now working on getting the final disbursement of toys, books and art supplies to affected areas.

Omocha Express Delivers the First Sets of Materials to Schools!
The first round of toys and art supplies have been delivered to four nursery schools and day care centers on Feb. 21.

Netherlands Art Auction to support Omocha Express
A group of artists related to CBKU, a non-profit print shop in Utrecht, the Netherlands, is having an art auction to support Japanese relief efforts including Omocha Express!

Omocha Express - Toy Charity for Japan's Children

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