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H-ART VOOR JAPAN [Heart for Japan]

H-Art voor Japan art auction items are now on display in the Netherlands. Auction is to be held on November 13th.

Dutch Art Auction
In the Netherlands, a group of Dutch visual artists organized an art auction for Japan. This auction was an initiative of visual artists from the city of Utrecht, in collaboration with Graphic Studio Utrecht/CBKU.

The organizing artists were already connected with Japan, due to an art exchange project between the Netherlands, Canada and Japan that took place from 2005 till 2007. This traveling exposition, entitled Re-Identification: Messages from 3 Studios, started in the cities of Utrecht, Vancouver and Yokohama, and traveled throughout the three countries. The last exhibition was in the Netherlands, and opened in the Utrecht City Hall: an impressive event with Dutch, Canadian and Japanese artists.

The Dutch artists had heard from their Japanese colleagues how hard their country was – and still is – hit by the disaster of both the tsunami and the nuclear catastrophe afterwards. Out of concern, they organized an auction in benefit of Japanese children, who had lost family, school and home because of the tsunami. The artists had asked their colleagues to donate art works for this goal.

100 art works
Artists responded generously: about 100 art works of various disciplines: graphic art (silkscreen, etch, lithography), oil painting, sculpture, jewelry, a.o., were donated for a charitable cause. The organizing artists felt connected with Omocha Express: its small scale and its sympathetic goals, so they decided to offer the auction proceeds to this organization. On November 13, 2011, the auction took place in the Utrecht City Hall – the same location of the last exchange exhibition in 2007 – and was visited by a tremendous crowd of interested people, all willing to buy art for Japan.

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